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A simpler, safer way to login using your mobile phone.


Startup beeme app and take a snapshop of qrcode of your beeme enabled website

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Nothing to remember

Beeme qr code is visually unforgettable. Just use your phone to scan your way in to a beeme enabled site

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Your phone, your identity. Pair and unpair with ease.

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Currently available for iOS and Android devices


No fuss" loading and very quick login. Less than 3 seconds for the complete procedure

Slate friendly

Works with your favorite mobile and any size/vendor pad

In and out. Total control

Register or unregister from any beeme enabled web site using the app or the web interface.


We value your identity, we understand concerns about security and trust. This is why we have a trustworthy location for your data. Connections are carried out over secure channels.

beeme aware site. No mistake!

No mistake! A beeme aware site is easily identified by a very distinctive yet identity adherent QR code. Easy scan, easy action.

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Register with your email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Issues our customers have dealt with

Registering the email is not necessary, though advisable. Once registered you can be identified on multiple devices like mobile phones or tablets, either on IOS or Android. You may also want to disable a lost device or device you don't use any longer
If you have the beeme app on your phone or tablet, just tap on the barcode.
It'd be impossible to list all the customers using beeme. Test the app at www.beeme.ch/quiz
Totally free. Sites that use our service are charged a minimum service fee.
We have a very simple API. Contact us per email to have details and pricing.
Contact Info
  • +41916111730
  • info@beeme.ch
  • Salita ai Ronchi 3, 6934 Bioggio, Switzerland